Back in Action is an innovative battery of test insisting of 7 exercises designed to measure Balance, Agility, Strength and Speed.

This product was design in collaboration with the FIFA Medical Center of Austria to evaluate the ability for a patient to return to sport post ACL reconstruction surgery. It is also used as an assessment tool for lower limbs and can effectively identify asymmetries. 

All results are compared against age and gender matched normative data. If only one test is measured to be below the norm value, the indication provided is that the patient is not allowed to return to sport.

Back in Action is a product that provides the professional everything they need to run the tests with simplicity and mobility.


  • RELIABILITY: the data are compared with normal values collected by a team of professionals and sports scientists from FIFA Medical Center of Innsbruck.

  • SIMPLICITY: the test can be performed by anyone without a deep understanding of technology. By following the steps on the screen you will be easily guided to the final result.

  • VERSATILITY: Back in Action allows for different evaluations, such as testing athletes pre, mid and post season, or assessing patients open return to clinic.

  • REPEATABILITY: the quantification of the results make the tests repeatable over time, regardless of test administrator.


  • more than 4000 athletes and patients have used the Back testing in Action
  • test that assesses balancestrengthspeed and agility
  • quantitative results compared with more than 500 normative data collected by the University of Innsbruck on subjects never injured
  • 4 age ranges divided by male and female, aged 11 years and over

More than 5,000 tests have been conducted with Back in Action.