Optimise your efforts...

Surgical Realities work with medical specialists, hospitals and device manufacturers to optimise business performance within the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Our service is underpinned by the integration of evidence based technologies designed to enhance patient outcomes through improved patient communication and engagement, and internal business systems and processes.


  • Australia's healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Cost pressures, increasing transparency and changing patient demographics has rendered traditional operating models irrelevant.
  • Operating efficiency is essential and requires new ways of thinking and collaborating across primary and tertiary care providers.

  • New health technologies offer opportunities to enhance patient care (outcomes and patient satisfaction) whilst also reducing costs and / or time. 


We specialise in healthcare modernisation. 

Surgical Realities' three-phase PEC transformation model Predict | Enhance | Connect realigns your business and employees with the future healthcare landscape, helping you break the status quo and embrace the changes necessary to keep you ahead of the game. Our expertise in change management ensures your new direction is well embraced and implemented, to deliver strong, sustainable business benefits.